BETTER Soot Control Solutions for Yachts!

MMX offers customized Diesel Particulate Filter applications that reduce soot production by up to 99% - often without any additional heat source.

Our outstanding technology includes

  • Customized design to maximize use of limited space
  • No heat generation if utilizing existing exhausts
  • Noise reduced by 10-12 DB
  • Much reduced maintenance compared to older units
  • Creates a cleaner environment

MMX - the industry leader

We are the experts in our field with many years of designing and installing diesel particulate exhausts and emission control solutions on numerous high profile yachts – ask us for references.

Contact us TODAY and let our experts recommend the best solution to fit your yacht.

Each unit is custom engineered and designed for your vessel. If you are interested in reading more about the various technologies, please request information from Mike at +1 954-463-4650 / 877-MMX-WELD or

Soot reduction helps everything

Soot, fumes and slicks are annoying and destructive. Here are a few of the benefits of using our system to lower your DPF emissions:

  • Paint jobs last longer
  • Cleaner looking vessel without excessive washing
  • Enjoy the aft deck with the generator running, regardless of wind direction – forget the odors of exhaust fumes (your neighbors will appreciate this too!)
  • Swimmers won’t see an oil slick of unburned fuel on the surface of the water, and they will not catch a disturbing whiff of unburned fuel
  • Some marinas are now refusing yachts with high soot emissions. Make sure your yacht is welcome everywhere

Passive Regeneration – utilizes only existing exhaust heat

Modern DPF technology has drastically lowered the temperatures required for exhaust gas particulate regeneration (burn-off). For engines that create sufficient heat, we are now able to offer some units completely without the heating elements used in older technology.

Active Regeneration

Some generators are better served by an Active Regeneration System. Our experts will help you determine which system is best for you and explain the differences and advantages of each technology. Please give us a call today!

Stricter laws are around the corner

There is no doubt that most parts of the world are on the brink of creating stricter emissions regulations for all types of vessels. Although aimed mostly at commercial vessels, these laws will immediately affect the yachting industry. And in many areas they already have.

Be ahead of the curve – call MMX TODAY to get a free evaluation of how you can lower your emissions. Once the laws go in to effect, prices for these systems are likely to increase and there will be a shortage of qualified installers.

Start a New Clean Life!

MMX’s diesel particulate filter applications have made a tremendous difference to many vessels with up to 99.5% reduction in their soot production. Now it is your turn!

The key is to determine if your vessel meets the requirements for the Passive Regeneration technology to function properly, or if you need an Active Regeneration system. The temperatures of your exhaust are critical. The best way to see if this technology will help you is a simple, free, no obligation test. Call Mike now!

We can provide a free evaluation and custom plan for your boat.

We at MMX look forward to helping you join our "Soot-Free" family of satisfied Captains, Engineers and Owners.